A Day in the Life of: Maggie Harbison

Good Morning! I am not an early morning person..at all! But because of my volleyball responsibilities I need to be one. For morning workouts and practice I have to get up by 6:30 am so I usually snooze through my alarm a couple of time..that’s why they are labeled! By the time I hit the third one I know it is for real.

I finish morning practice (on Monday) around 10:30 am and do not have class again until 7:15 pm. Pretty lucky! So it is my routine to take about a two-hour nap or so right after practice. On my bed you will see a lady bug pillow pet. I love pillow pets! They are too cute. You will also see about 5 pillows. My sisters give me a hard time because sometimes I will go into their room when they are sleeping and steal their pillows. It is one of my weird quirks I guess…my love for pillows!

I then head to lunch with my lunch buddies and teammates, Belle and Brooke. I live in Delta Gamma Sorority and usually I eat there. But on days where the food doesn’t sound spectacular I go to Atherton (the mess hall/cafeteria). I love eating with them. Best lunch buddies ever!

Because I am in a sorority I also have those responsibilities to maintain. I decorated these sunglasses for my little. We have this tradition called little sisters and big sisters and I just found out my little sister. I have been crafting for her a lot lately! On a special night called initiation, we give them a whole bucket of presents. I figured I might as well get started now on the crafts before my procrastination gets the best of me and I start stressing out. I just finished making her a fleece blanket, too!

Finally, my day winds down with me watching The Bachelor on my computer. Earlier in the year I had planned to watch it with Belle every Monday night from 8-10 pm but I forgot about my night class. So every night I come back to my room and watch it on my laptop alone. However, next Monday our professor cancelled class…I am excited to watch it with Belle!

My Monday’s are a pretty laid back day for me…wait until you hear about Tuesday’s, now that’s a whirlwind!

-Maggie Harbison

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of: Maggie Harbison

  1. Hey Mags,
    Great to read your Monday story. I want Mondays like your! Sounds like you are doing great. Missing you and looking forward to seeing you at the wedding this summer in Carp. How fun is that going to be? Get your dancing shoes on! Love you.

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